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Leaving Montana

That’s right.  We left Montana….for the weekend.  We headed south to Wyoming.

Matt, myself and Liam have been blessed with a friendship that I can see having for a long while.

It all began when Nicole did not hire me to be her babysitter.  HA!  But to her defense I wouldn’t have hired me either if I had been in her shoes.  (For the curious, my schedule and her’s were only going to work for a few months and she needed someone more long term).

But it has been a blessing.

We invited them out to dinner once.  And that is not an exaggeration.  We went out to dinner ONCE.  Going out to dinner with two year olds can be eventful.  We’ve pretty much learned that Liam can last an hour TOPS and that is only with extensive entertainment.  I’m talking books, toy cars, crayons, a few blocks, stacking the sugar packets, knocking down the sugar packets, I Spy, practicing his letters, counting, going to the bathroom, looking through the menu and when all else has failed pulling out games on a phone.  So basically the adults have no time for an actual conversation.

Joe mentioned how good it was to have friends with a kid (child I mean.  My mom likes to remind me that kids are baby goats!!) the same age who isn’t “perfect”.  And it is nice.  It’s nice to sit with a couple who’s right in the middle of raising a child that we are.  It’s nice when people say “we’ve been there” but that really doesn’t make you feel better.  And I love our friends with no children but I can’t help but feel embarrassed or irritated when Liam acts up as they are probably thinking (as I did) “our children won’t act like that”.

So Liam and Landon are learning sharing and not hitting amongst each other.  One day they’ll graduate from that (hopefully!) and it’ll be on to the next thing…

So Joe and Nicole invited us to a family cabin in Wyoming.  The ride there proved to be very eventful and once again we got to see a part of the US landscape that we haven’t seen before.

To get to the cabin we had to go over the Beartooth Mountains.  At the highest we were almost 11,000 feet.  The drive up was reminiscent of our trip up Pikes Peak in Colorado or the Pacific Highway in California.  Matt does not love heights and so it made the trip up even more eventful as we reminisced on the drives before.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a fun, relaxing weekend.  The guys fished a few different spots.  When they came back – early! – on Saturday they said they had each caught close to 30 fish!  I’ve never found the excitement in fishing but I can imagine catching fish over and over again is both exciting and repetitive.  But they sure fished at a very picturesque lake!

File_002 (25)
I like to think he posed for this picture for the sole reason that I could put it on the blog! 🙂

File_003 (20)
Just gorgeous.
Meanwhile, the ladies took the kids down to a river and let them play around.  The river itself was raging (no lie) but there was a perfect little creek for them to play in.

File_007 (3)

File_004 (16)
Yes, of course Tippet came too 🙂
And on the way to another lake one evening we came across a sight I have never seen and will probably never see again.  Two grizzly bear cubs!

File_000 (49)File_001 (30)

Just another weekend.  Just another fun adventure.  What will tomorrow bring?!



I am an elementary school teacher. Mother of a toddler. Southern born. And I am moving with my husband, son and golden doodle 2,000 miles away to Montana. This is our adventure.

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