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Eating in the Streets

Yes, it has been a while since I’ve written.  And I can make every excuse but it all boils down to having a toddler and friends.  And both are blessings so I can not complain.

So back to something I had started a while back and maybe I can get everyone caught up on some of the things we have been up to!


Free hugs!  Leg hair inches long.  Dread locks.  Spiderman unitard.

It is not just small town North Carolina festivals that bring out the unique people of a community.  Any street festival can and Bozeman showed no difference yesterday (okay okay, many yesterdays ago) evening!

Every Thursday evening during the summer a part of Main Street shuts down for an event called Music on Main.  It becomes open to food truck vendors and a local band.  So Matt, Liam and I made a trip to see what it was all about.

Call me small town but food trucks have always been something only TV.  You know, like Food Truck Face Off on Food Network?  But food trucks seem pretty popular around here so it was fun to see a lot of them all in one place with so many different types of food to choose from.

And can you really go wrong with a food truck that ONLY sells Mac and Cheese?

File_000 (47)
Liam didn’t want to walk for the longest time. He just sat and took in the sights.
File_001 (28)
The line for the food truck I ate at!
File_002 (23)
Like I said, there is no bad way to make Mac and Cheese!
File_003 (18)
My Fajita Mac and Cheese and, yes, that is fried mac and cheese balls with ranch dressing.
File_004 (14)
Where Matt ate.
File_005 (11)
Watching the band play. Liam is strongly against getting on Matt’s shoulders.

As I look back at these pictures, I have a strong feeling that the dryer is NOT shrinking my pants.  But to be a local I must eat like a local, right?

I’ve heard that they do the same thing on Wednesdays for lunch at a park.  Food trucks and picnics and plenty of children running around.  I’m going to check that out tomorrow…!



I am an elementary school teacher. Mother of a toddler. Southern born. And I am moving with my husband, son and golden doodle 2,000 miles away to Montana. This is our adventure.

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